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Veloped - the walker for active people

Veloped is the modern alternative to a rollator - offering greater access & better comfort

Veloped on tourIf you lead an active lifestyle - a Veloped is your premier choice of outdoor walker!

The Trionic Veloped is the state-of-the-art if you are looking for an outdoor walking aid. With its innovative and awarded design you will enjoy greater freedom and unbeatable comfort when walking outdoors.

Several features make the Trionic Veloped truly unique. With its patented climbing wheel, a 3-wheel design and comfortable air-filled tires you'll enjoy a totally new walking experience. It climbs curbs, roots and other obstacles with ease and turns cobbles, gravel, grass, snow and off-road trails into pure pleasure instead of a bumpy and unpleasant venture.

Regardless of your personal choice of activity, there will always be a Veloped that suits your needs; Veloped Sport Veloped Tour Veloped Trek Veloped Golf Veloped Jakt .

Our customers rate the Veloped as "EXCELLENT"! Click here to read all customer reviews (new window).


NEW: Trionic Walker Rollator

You are unique - so should your rollator be!

The groundbreaking Trionic Walker is the new premium class among rollators. Its design promotes an active lifestyle, and it finally brings the rollator into the 3rd millennium.

According to your personal preferences and preferred areas of use, you can choose between three wheel sizes; 9", 12" and 14". The Trionic Walkers are equipped with a synchronized steering feature (patent pending), that completely eliminates the problems with shimmying and skewed swivel wheels.

Click to read Veloped brochure Detachable wheels, hub brakes and air-filled tires Climbing wheel with the capacity to overcome obstacles as high as 13 cm Easy to fold for transport and storage
Click the image to read the brochure Comfortable air tires & efficient hub brakes Climbing wheel for curbs & off-road suspension Foldable frame & detachable wheels
CLICK to learn more! Call our Hotline! CLICK to order our brochure FREE of charge! CLICK to send us your inquiry!
Learn more about the Trionic Veloped Call our English-speaking customer service Veloped Brochure & Postage FREE of charge Send us an e-mail with your inquiry


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